Don’t worry about what you can’t change

I just thought of something. My brother and I were discussing the surge of media coverage of hate crimes, typically involving black wo/men and white wo/men, with the victim almost always black. We realized that these types of cases have been happening for many years. It is just more publicized. What is the media’s intention by doing this? Making us more aware so we can fight it? How can we fight it? By talking to the racist/sexists/everythingist by educating them on how ridiculous, appalling and vicious is?
No matter how many people you educate, there will always be the KKK.

No matter what we do there will always be a way to categorize people. There’s even hate amongst people within the SAME race. The SAME sex. There’s social class! Wars about religion! If we were all the same, we’d always find something to hate someone about because we’re still in a primitive mindset of survival of the fittest. This time we subconsciously perceive that the only way we can survive is to stomp your opponents, or anyone who is not like you. The only way we can fight racism is just be kind (rid of your selfishness, ego, and insecurities) and move on. Accepting that there will ALWAYS be some type of hate.

But if we remove our ego, selfishness, insecurities — will there be? We are infinitely greater than the labels we use to define ourselves. Evolve as a race of people of the world.


Friends Only

Friends Only

This journal will consist mostly of "Friends only" (private) posts. 
I am very careful of who I let into my life.
Though this is the Internet, and nothing is ever 100% private, I'd like to at least try to keep things 90% private from now on.

A Lesson in Health

Your friend Leo loves beer. He says it’s a better thirst quencher than any other drink, which is why he likes to have one with his lunch. He tells you he knows there are going to be a lot of beer at Sandra’s party and that it should be a pretty great time.

The party is in full gear when Leo arrives. It doesn’t take him long to find out where the beer is. From that moment on, Leo’s events are ruined.

Each gulp of beer Leo swallowing makes its way first into his stomach and then into his small intestine, the alcohol is absorbed into his bloodstream. Once the alcohol has been absorbed, it travels in the bloodstream to all Leo’s cells and tissues, including his brain. Within minutes, Leo is feeling the effects of the beer.

Eventually the alcohol reaches Leo’s liver, which breaks it down into carbon dioxide and water. The more Leo drinks, the harder his liver will have to work to help aid his body of alcohol. In fact, it will take Leo’s liver more than an hour to break down the alcohol in each bottle of beer he drinks.

If after a few beers Leo has a B.A.L. of 0.1, it means that 1% or 1/1000, of his blood is pure alcohol. That is enough for Leo to be declared legally "intoxicated", or drunk, in most states (or countries). After a few bears, Leo starts feeling relaxed. He had a rough day at school (probably because a certain someone was stalking him ).

On his way to the bathroom, he knocked over things, then laughs and points at it. He misses and urinates all over the carpet and seat. His friends notice and laugh at him. Leo is now a depressed bum.

The lesson learned? Don’t let Leo talk to girls because it gets him drunk.

...So yeah, health is my soon-to-be profession. LOL.